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2nd and 3rd Round Resume


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The League 2nd and 3rd Tier

2nd Round Resume:

Vikings crush Mambo in a surprising result. Orczy starts the league with a tight win over Celtic Withes. Rangers and Paprikas with their first wins in the league by beating Celtic Greens and Shamrocks.

Mambo 0 - 6 Vikings

An astonishing win by the Vikings who showed that they are in the league to win.

The first half end with an already 2-0 in the score, and surely Mambo was eager ti find their place in the second half.

On the second half the vikings built the rest of the score, by scoring 4 goals.  Sigurd Kvandal was the man that lead to this massive win, by scoring 2 goals and was with no surprise awarded Man of The Match. 

Celtic Whites 0 - 2 Orczy

Debut in the League for Booth teams. Orczy was during last season for most of the time in the first place, but a drop down in the results during spring made the team deep down in the table. Celtic Whites last season was a good run, but somehow in the last matches of winter they got over-passed by Rangers, and end up in the B-League, with nothing much to do apart from the Cup.

The Withes approached this game with only 11 players, and proved to be a good opponent, While Orczy tried to rule the game. In the first half booth teams missed some clear chances, and with no surprise half time come with a 0-0, but with boot teams putting quite an effort on the game.

On the second half the dead lock was broken by Orczy, and the whites started to drop down in stamina, that was when Man of the Match Pablo Dorronsoro superbly lead the Orczy midfield and manage to even enter the score sheet in the dying moments, finishing the game with a 2-0 favorable to Orczy.

Rangers 3 - 1 Celtic Greens

In and Old Firm derby, this one was won by Rangers, who dominated trough the entire game, although the goals come from errors for booth teams. 

Half time come with a 2-1 for Rangers, and the game was on for the Second Half.

in the Second Half, booth teams fought for the result, but it was Rangers who add one more goal and sealed the result.  Man of The Match Rodrigo Nieto scored the last goal after missing a penalty, but on the re-bounce put it in the net.

Shamrocks 2 -4 Paprikas

League Debut for Shamrocks, and Paprikas trying to amend last week defeat. Booth teams were eager for a win, But in the first Half Paprikas was the stronger team, proved by the 4 goals advantage at half time. Jeremy Romier scored two during this period, and in the end was awarded with the Man of the Match.

In the second half, Shamrocks knew that they had to get goals if they still wanted to get in the game, and the did it, they managed to score 2 goals and not consed any, but the damage from the first half was too much, and although the good effort, they felt short from getting something from this match.

3 Round Resume

Vikings crushed by Celtic Whites in a surprising result. Celtic Hoops draw in a crazy Match against Rangers. Mambo continues the nightmare against Orczy. Shamrocks and Celtic Greens get their first points in the league by drawing in a well disputed match.

Vikings 2 - 5 Celtic Whites

A surprising result considering that Vikngs crushed Mambo last week, and Whites had no points in the league.

The first half was intense, and the whites put themselves ahead of the score twice, and half time come with a 2-1 for the Whites.

On the second Half, Vikings wanted to go for the win, and pushed the whites back to their defense. 2-2 shortly after the break meant that the game was alive, but with more ascendant from the Vikings. The Whites defense was winning most of the duels, and Vikings forwards were not in an inspired day. Celtic Whites then managed to put themselves again in front with a goal from Oliver Berger, who later was considered Man of the Match. in the dying minutes of the match, while Vikings were pushing to get at least the draw, two fast counter attacks by the Whites with the Vikings defense of balanced  add 2 more goals and close a surprising result.

Celtic Greens 2 - 2 Shamrocks

With booth teams struggling to get the first points in the BIFL, this match had at least a certain that one of them will get them.

First half was intense, but 2 goals scored in the first minutes of the match, one of them from the later considered Man of the Match Fritz Janetzko. Shamrocks seem to have the game under control, but a later goal scored by the Greens, netting the result as 1-2 for Shamrocks was an advise that the second half would be disputed.

Second half was not always well played, but while Shamrocks were looking for the tranquilizer, Greens were looking at least for the equalizer, and that come with a goal with 10 minutes to full time. Until the end booth teams tried to get even more from the match, but in the end 1 point for each meant that in this year BIFL all teams already have points in the League Table.

Celtic Hoops 4 - 4 Rangers

Booth teams had the same points in the beginning of the game, although Rangers had one more game played.

We certainly expect a good game to happen and a close result for either of the teams, but a 4-4 meant that the game was more open that ever for either sides.

On the first half the game was divided, with the Hoops leading first, but Rangers turn the result, then Hoops equal again, this was how the pace was on the first half. Half time come with a fair 2-2, and with a good show on the pitch.

Second Half was more of the same, and current BIFL top Goalscorer Alberto Segantini add a couple of more goals to his side, and despite a penalty missed form the Hoops, Rangers always had the upper hand in the game, and in the dying minutes conceded the equalizer, frustrating quite some effort they put in this game.

Orczy 6 - 1 Mambo

Orczy continued to remain invict and it is now the only team only with wins. Due to this this is why they are currently seating in the 1st place, a movie that we saw for most of the last season and the question here can they secure it and be crowed Champions for the first time?

The first half was well disputed with booth teams managing to struggle against each other tactics, so it no surprise, half time come with a 1-1 draw on the score and booth teams wanted to go for the win in the second half.

The second half, was also a movie we saw this season, Mambo beaten and conceding quite a few goals, in what is proving to be horrific second half's. Orczy managed to score 5 goals, thus controlling the game at their will against what is proven to be another struggling season for Mambo with just few games in the League.

Current Top Goal Scorer Chart

Player Team Goals
Alberto Segantini Celtic Hoops 5 2
Alessandro Mauri Mambo 4 1
Robi Bezsian Rangers 3 3
Sigurd Kvandal Vikings 3 3
Torstein Våge Vikings 3 3


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