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4th Round Results


4th Round BIFL resume

Champions defeated by Shamrocks for a solid 1-0. Vikings Cannot pick it up against the BIFL surprise Rangers. Paprikas bad shape continues as Celtic Greens get their first 3 points. Mambo relegated to last place by current superb form of Celtic Whites. Orczy are Round winners without playing.

Celtic Whites 5 - 1 Mambo

Celtic Whites continues to crash all opponents and have now scored 10 goals in the last two matches. An Hatrick from Carli Classen  help the Whites to secure the 3 points and also the Man of the Match award for him. The perfect duo that Simon Vikoler  showed with Carli secured him also 2 goals and a set of assists to each other. Mambo manage to score one goal, but nowadays the team spirit is not at his best and they could not bring his best game to this match.

With no surprise Half time came with a  4-1 to the Whites, and the second half added just one more goal to the scoreboard, closing the final score as 5-1.

Rangers 5 - 2 Vikings

This season BIFL surprise Rangers continued to show is excelent form and now sit as BIFL leader. 

First half was very exciting for both teams, but Rangers showed his extreme efiency in front of the goal, while Vikings defense, after last week defeat for five goals, managed to show that it is not at his best shape. A 3-1 at half time meant that the game was still alive, but it would be a challange to the Vikings to bring something from this match.

The second half was the confirmation that Rangers superb form will endure, and it was suportted by an excelent exibition form his midfilder Martin Ujvari  who manage to score two goals. But it was his team mate Ben Barkley  who managed to score an hat trick and secure the Man of the Match award. A quick mention to Vikings player Sigurd Kvandal who managed to add one more goal to his personal stats and close down the distance to the first place of the BIFL Goalscorer Leaderbord.

Shamrocks 1 - 0 Celtic Hoops

The round surprise. Current BIFL league Champions suffer their first defeat this season while on the oposite side of the pitch Shamrocks manage to get their first win this season.

A tatic battle during the entire match, back to back opportunities and quite some heart from the Shamarocks were the combination that guaranted them a fantastic win and a possible turn point for this season. well, that, and a superb exibition from Man of the Match Julian Doering  who ensure that no goals would enter in his goal that afternoon. 

Half time came with an 1-0 to Shamrocks and the Hoops knew that they needed to do better in the second half. 

Second half bring us again the aboslute rock on his goal Julian Doering  and the Shamrocks defense held up very well , allways sneaking for quick counters, kepping the Shamrocks the 3 points in the bag after the 90 minutes, while Hoops are now waiting for a win since their league debut and sit now in mid table.

Paprikas 0 - 2 Celtic Greens

In a tight game well disputed in the middle, it was the Greens that secure the 3 points, and their first win in this season BIFL.

The game was intense despite the few goals, and as the batlle in the midlle was happening , both times tryed to get closer to the goal by trowing long balls on each others defense backs, and this was the time for the keeprs to shine with back to back rush out's to save their team mates.

Half time came with a 0-0 and the batlle was on for the second half.

Second half bring exactly a what the first half looked like, and both teams knew that whoever scored first most likely will bring something out of thsi game. Celtic Greens were the ones who got their goal with a shot from Jonathan Bennett , but on the other side of the pitch it was the Greens keeper Davide Barile who was frustating the Paprikas attempts with the help of his defensive team mates. An excelent performance secure him later the Man of the Match award. In the dying minutes of the Match a quick counter lead by Simon Craymer secure the Greens win. 

With this results aftern the 4th Round, every team in this year BIFL have now win at least a match, and there are just 4 points separating top to bottom.

Current Top Goal Scorer Chart

Player Team Goals Games Played
Alberto Segantini Celtic Hoops 5 3
Sigurd Kvandal Vikings 4 4
Alessandro Mauri Mambo 4 1
Ben Barkley Rangers 3 3
Robi Bezsian Rangers 3 3


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