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5th Round Results


5th Round Resume

Orczy Securing top place but with a late comeback against the Greens. Whites in a Superb form getting their 3 wins in a row against Shamrocks. Clash Hoops Vs Vikings end with a narrow win to the Hoops. Mambo returns to victories against now bottom League Paprikas.

Orczy 2 - 1 Celtic Greens

In a tough match, more than expected, Orczy managed to win against the greens.
the first half started with a goal from the greens in a pace counter, while Orczy tried to settled in the opponent midfildier during most of the first half.

Half time could had came with a draw, but in a one-on-one with the keeper, Elijah Pegue allowed the greens keeper to save a penalty. Insted, a 1-0 to the Greens was what the scoreboard showed.

With such a narrow advantage from the greens, Orczy knew they had to start pressuring even more in the second half, and eventualy, Henrique Junior manage to draw the game with a good lob over the keeper. It seemed that it could be anyones game with half an hour to play, and both teams had at least a couple fo chances to get in advantage, but the fowards showed some lack of aim when it was the time to score. With less than 5' for the 90' Man of the match  Elijah Pegue manage to score the winning goal with an high pressure over the defender keeping orczy on top of the table.

Shamrocks 1 - 3 Celtic Whites

Shamrocks knew that the chalange on that afteroon was hard, as the Celtic Whites had manage to score 10 goals in the last couple of matches, and an early goal from the Whites probabily meant that we could saw another attacking show that afternoon.

Despite this, the game got even after the oppening goal, and manage to draw during the first half. That said, Half time came with a 1-1 and a promising second half on the line of sight.

The second half showed that the Whites want to be taken serious this season for the BIFL title, and his superb form keeps on going at the same rythm as the attackers score. Two extra goals, one of them for the Man of The Match Johannes Koller sentece the match, securing more 3 points to the Whites.

Celtic Hoops 2 - 1 Vikings

El Classico, ill Derby, one of the most promising matches of the day, with none other than the most sucessful teams in the BIFL. This match  was the Super Cup that we don't have between last years BIFL Champions and BIFL Cup Winner.

We could had for sure wait a tight match, and that what happend. The game was 1-1 at half time, but a goal from Man of The Match Tomás Branco allowed a narrow 2-1 for the Hoops and secure them the 3 points. 

Paprikas 3 - 5 Mambo

Bottom teams at the beggining of the round, but with this year BIFL so tight and with every team so close to each other that seemed like a good opportunity for both teams. Who wanted it more?

The first half was harsh, not very well played, but showed that both teams were there for the win. 

A 1-1 at half time promise a good second half, but we were not expecting something like this.

Emotional was the word for the second half as it had 6 yellow cards and 2 red cards, and also 6 goals. Faraz Mhd was the Man of the Match by scoring two goals, and the final score was 5-3 to Mambo, which puts them now in mid table and just 3 points behind the 1st Place.

Current Top Goal Leaderboard:


Player Club Goals Games
Alberto Segantini Celtic Hoops 5 3
Carli Classen Celtic Whites 4 3
Sigurd Kvandal Vikings 4 5
Alessandro Mauri Mambo 4 1
Torstein Våge Vikings 4 4


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