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The Last Weeks of the BIFL


A short resume of what happen in the last couple of weeks

With the league having 10 games in the last 3 weeks is the time to summarize what happened and how is the BIFL 2017/2018 at the moment. 

Currently in first place they follow the champions of last year, followed closely by the surprise of this league Celtic Whites. In its pursuit, follows after a series of bad results the Orczy Guys and the Irish Shamrocks that with the last results sent a jump in the table. The rest of the table is just confusing at this stage, with only 2 points separating the last place from the fifth place. 

Now let's see what happened in the last games. 


Celtic Hoops 5 – 1 Paprikas 

In an anticipated game the hoops received and beat the paprikas. 
However and despite the poor classification of the paprikas and the final result, the game was anything but easy for the Hoops. 
The first half was very disputed and the result of 1-1 that was registered at the interval reflects well how intense the game was being. 
In the second half, the Hoops took charge of making the final result in the apparent apathy of the paprikas. 
For this contributed the excellent exhibition of Nándor Vakulya who commanded the midfield brilliantly and in the end got awared Mand of the Match.
Final result 5-1 for the Hoops. 


Vikings 1 – 2 Orczy 

In a clash of titans, the end result was favorable to the Orczy men.
The first half however brought a favorable result to the Scandinavians thanks to a goal by Torstein Våge, who was well accompanied by the man of the game Joakim Birkeland. 
In the second half the Orczy did everything they could to keep the record 100% victorious and they were rewarded for the effort. 
The inevitable Elijah Pegues added another goal to his personal account and it was essential for the end result to be favorable to them.
With another defeat the Vikings season does not seem to run in the desired direction, but as you have seen in this year's edition the balance is immense, they have only reduced the margin to achieve success again 


Another weekend as passed and there are some ashtuning results. 


Rangers 1 – 4 Shamrocks 

Another well-contested first half as has been usual this year. It is not surprising then that in the half time there was a 1-1 on the scoreboard. 

In the second half however, it was clear that the Rangers begin to lose some of the initial gas and those who took advantage were the Shamrocks, who thanks to the two goals of Christopher Keenan and a super exhibition of Markus Sterneberg, who was still in time to add his name to the register of goals from the match, took the 3 points home. 


Mambo 0 – 0 Celtic Greens 

 The match was poor in goal chances, counting by the fingers the true number of dangerous situations. it's not surprising that the result at half-time was a poor 0-0.

In the second half there was more Mambo in the game, who, for most of the time was controlling the challenge and trying to get close to the Greens goal. But to lead a solid defense that afternoon was Adam Majoros who was considered the best on the field. 

The final part of the game brought some excitement with the great goal opportunities. first the mambo saw thr ball almost on the greens line of goal, and almost celebrated, and soon afterwards, in a rare inattention of the defense of the greens an in-extrimis cut is made when the Striker was with the open goal. In the last moments, a green's player takes the ball to pass very close to the pole with the gk of mambo already beaten. Final score, 1 point for each team. 

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